Here are some my favourite Paleo-esque resources collected from personal experience that might help kick start your journey. The internet is far too vast for my spare time, so I am including the ones that have helped me and formed many of my current beliefs on health and the human condition.

The most common complaint I hear from people when getting into “the chat” about Paleo is that there is too much conflicting information right now to trust anyone. I get it. Just going into the Chapters “health” section is enough to provoke anxiety when you are faced with at least 30-40 different books with different authors claiming to have the perfect diet.

There is corporately sponsored information and then there is “the movement”. A collection of individuals (now becoming a large community) that challenge the status quo and take health and wellness into their own hands. The common belief propelling the movement is that the human body and mind are extraordinary and that food is an essential and powerful tool in reaching our potential.  The Paleo diet is just one face of the movement but happens to be my gateway into revelations about my own health.

Primal Living in the Modern World
Revolutionary Solutions to Modern Life
Loren Cordain, Ph.D., The World’s Leading Expert on Paleolithic and Founder of the Paleo Movement.
Canada’s Online Paleo Resource Site
The Ultimate Paleo Guide

Cooking Paleo (it’s fun!)
Real Food. Real Life. Real Simple
Fun Paleo Cooking
A website with hundreds of delicious paleo recipes as well as tips and ideas for sticking to a paleo lifestyle.
Easy Paleo Recipes

Real food and Real Results
We Believe Every Human Being is Designed to be Extraordinary


Hungry for Change
Exposing lies of the DIET industry

Super Size me
10 years since this film came out.
See what happens when Morgan Spurlock eats only Macdonalds

Food Inc
Exposing the corporate controlled food industry.

King Corn
Corn, it’s in EVERYTHING.

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