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Touchdown, Canada!

I landed safe and sound last Thursday at the Ottawa International Airport with friends and family who braved the cold to welcome me home at midnight. It felt good to be back, especially after the long flight. I think I had been awake for close to 30 hours. Leaving the airport and feeling the first sharp breath of -20 air in my summer lungs was a shock and a bittersweet reminder of what’s in store for the next month.

Lack of movement, sleep and “real food” on the journey home, coupled with some homecoming stress left me feeling a bit off of my game in terms of nutrition and health. A “healthy” labelled chicken salad from Vancouver airport left me with a sodium bomb that had me drinking copious amounts of water for hours afterwards and even left a tingling sensation on my tongue. A nice reminder of why I eat whole foods. Good thing I bought some raw, unsalted nuts for the plane beforehand. The lack of sleep will take some quality Zzz’s this week and getting back into a healthy exercise routine (no more sprinting outside!) is a welcome challenge!


It has been just under a week that I’v been home and it feels great! I was surprised by my hubby over the weekend with a wonderful whole food meal at Town on Elgin st. (I had the Notorious P.I.G) followed by a night at the fairy tale Fairmont Cheateau Laurier. What an excellent way to be welcomed home to your city. The weather was mild (for Canadian winter) and light flakes of snow were falling over the Ottawa Canal where couples and friends were enjoying their hot chocolates and beaver tails while skating through downtown Ottawa. Man, this city has charm! Long story short I have been happily busy relocating and making plans for my new life in Canada.

My initial intention was to write this weeks article on sugar and carbohydrates and what the heck they do for your health and waistline but that article will have to wait for next week. In the meantime, while my life is being smoothed out, I want to share this amazing fitness & health resource with you that cuts the BS, isn’t sponsored by companies trying to steal your money and preaches “Real food for real results”. The owners name is Abel James. You may have heard of him because at the moment he is blowing up the itunes podcast charts and consistently coming out in thetop five health podcasts. On his website you can watch videos where he interviews leading wellness experts and discusses what ACTUALLY works and what is a waste of your time and health. This guy is the real deal for fat lass resources. He’s been there before and found the solution for lasting fat loss and better health. I have learned so much from him and the gurus he interviews. It also helps that he is pretty easy on the eyes so you should probably check him out just for that. You can download podcasts to listen to on the way to work, watch videos on his website, or download some free recipe books. I promise the information you findis legitimate and not smoke and mirrors.


Leave a comment below on what you thought of and share the resources with people you care about! Stay tuned for next weeks sugar and carb article and share fitnesswithjules if you like the information.

Thanks for reading!!

– Jules

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