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How to Avoid Dead-End Beginnings

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Sometimes, no matter how motivated you are to start exercising you just don’t seem to get around to doing it or worse when you finally DO start on your journey you lose the motivation a month later and end up right back where you started and now you you feel guilty that you didn’t stick with it.

Why do you want to exercise? If you don’t have an exercise routine right now, what might make you want to start one? Probably because you want to lose a bit of weight around your midsection, maybe you want to gain some muscle and feel stronger, maybe you want to look a bit better naked or maybe you have a fitness goal that you want to reach like finally doing a pull-up or entering your first Spartan Race. Whatever your reasons are, they’re great and you should definitely keep them, but what you should also include are health related, daily goals that add up to get you to your big goal.

I see people making the same mistake over and over again (especially in January) that almost always sabotages good intentions and never equals results. Setting end goals too high without creating “milestone” goals to achieve along the way. This can lead to two things, often the thought of how you’re going to feel when you do reach your goal becomes so exciting and motivating that you work out as hard as you can for over an hour, five days of the week for 30 days and then suddenly your body and spirit give out and you call it quits OR your end  goal seems so distant and daunting that you think there is no way you can go from A to B and you give up before you’ve even started. Ouch.

Having an end goal is fantastic and certainly motivating but when health or mini daily practices aren’t a part of the plan to achieve them, then you risk burn-out or becoming overwhelmed.

The best way to help avoid this is to focus on making changes towards better health first. Make a promise to yourself that you will stay committed to making at least one small change towards healthier habits, every day. Keep track of it on your phone or write it down on your to-do list. This could be anything from walking for half an hour when you get home from work or drinking a full glass of water in the morning before your coffee. Whatever it is, make it specific and realistic. Force yourself to keep it small. Consistency is the key to success and working too hard in the beginning won’t keep you consistent and if you never start because your goals seem too far away well then you NEVER start. Once you take these first steps and stick with them then you can start setting more goals for yourself.

Here is an awesome video you should check out that outlines some of the benefits of exercise in a really fun way.
If you have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude then this is a must watch.

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Taking the first step…

Kia Ora!

Welcome to my first blog post, ever! Here’s the deal, my goal is to inspire people to take action in their lives. This first post might end up a little mysterious but the reality is that I have had the idea of writing a blog for a while now and up until THIS MOMENT it has remained just that, an idea. In my experience making things happen for yourself is all about getting the courage to take imperfect action. If I waited to start writing until I believed the messages I had to share were perfect, well it just wouldn’t happen. So here’s to taking imperfect action and auto correcting along the way!

Currently, I am in the process of finishing up my life changing (whoa, big statement) year abroad in New Zealand. Packing up a whole year of my life and preparing for the adventure of coming home is surprisingly labour intensive. Experimenting with different techniques to fitting a whole lot of luggage in a not so big space has been especially educational.  Writing this first blog post is really about holding myself accountable to write the second. My goal is to provide some inspiration and motivation to take action towards better health. I am definitely no guru and don’t have all the answers but I do have a valuable base of knowledge and personal training experience that has really helped me along my journey and has proven pretty helpful for my friends, family and clients. So, if I can provide a bit of inspiration or motivation to even ONE person to take action towards better health then I can feel good about that. It also helps that I really love it.

If you found this to be even mildly intriguing then stay tuned for post #2 when I leave New Zealand to touch down in “Oh, Canada!”

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